Femstrual 500mg Tablets

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Femstrual 500mg Tablets

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Product Information


Some women who suffer from heavy periods will now be able to benefit from the new Femstrual 500mg Tablets.

When a woman has a period, her body produces clots during menstruation to stem the bleeding, but these sometimes dissolve leading to heavier periods.

New Femstrual contains 500mg of tranexamic acid within each tablet.

Tranexamic acid is an anti-fibrinolytic drug which stops clots breaking down and by doing so, reduces the amount of blood lost.

This convenient pack is available in a pack size of 18 tablets.

Femstrual is suitableĀ for women aged between 18 and 45 who experience a heavy menstrual flow over several months and have a regular monthly cycle of between 21-35 days, with no more than a 3 day variance in their cycle.

Direction for Use

The recommended dosage is: take 2 tablets 3 times daily, for up to 4 days. For heavy bleeding take 2 tablets 4 times daily for up to 4 days. Do not take more than 8 tablets each day.

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