Ectoline Spot-on for Dogs 10-20kg

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Ectoline Spot-on for Dogs 10-20kg

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Product Information


Ectoline Spot-on is a anti-parasitic treatment containing Fipronil which is a well proven treatment against fleas and ticks.

Ectoline penetrates the dermis (skin) and is gradually released ensuring uniform and optimal protection.

Ectoline Spot-on for Dogs


- Simple dosage according to weight of the dog
- 2 pack sizes: Available in packs of 2 pipettes and 4 pipettes
- Easy to use : Effective when applied correctly to one/two points on the animal
- Safety: Well established active ingredient.


- Effective treatment against fleas and ticks
- Effective against fleas for up to 8 weeks
- Effective against ticks for up to 4 weeks.

Treatment frequency and usage:

- One pipette of the correct size for the dog every 4 weeks
- Dogs over 2 months/or weighing more than 2 kg.

Active Ingredients

Statement of active and other substances :One 1.34ml pipette contains: Active substance : Fipronil 134mgExcipients: Butylhydroxyanisole E320 0.268mg, Butylhydroxytoluene E321 0.134mg.

Direction for Use

Always read the label carefully.

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