Dulcolax 5mg Suppositories For Children

5/5 2 customer reviews
£1.87 Out of stock

Dulcolax 5mg Suppositories For Children

5/5 2 customer reviews
£1.87 Out of stock

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Product Information


The suppositories have a dual action to gently bring fast effective relief from constipation.

By stimulating both the large intestine and rectum it may also help the bowel to return to normal regular function.

Active Ingredients

Each suppository contains : Bisacodyl 10mg Also contains: hard fat.

Direction for Use

For rectal use onlyFor children under 10 years consult a doctor before initial use.One 5mg suppository to be inserted into the rectum daily for immediate effect, or as directed by your doctor.


If laxative are needed for more than 5 days in a row, of if your child has persistent abdominal pain consult your doctor.


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  • 5/5
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Most dependable laxative

Clears a major blockage in under 30 minutes. Side-effect risk minimal (because it does not travel through digestive system). Recommended for irregularity and difficulty passing excrement, esp. if your child is habitually constipated and you need a standby laxative to use as part of a regimen .

diva from 7 years ago
Valuable fast bowel emptier

Inefficient bowels run in my family, and as a parent I can say these should be easier to access without prescription than they are. Like all suppositories they have the advantage of not having to work their way through the digestive system to reach the blockage - which reduces the risk of stomach pain and any other side-effects. Also, they're stimulant-irritants - whereas glycerine suppositories work by osmosis (drawing water into the bowel). For completeness's sake, I'm going to give you a "how to use" blurb in (almost) the sort of language we use. It's best to have the child lie on their side, or bend over, hands down (over the bathtub maybe). Dip your business finger in vaseline or KY jelly, push it deeply into the rectum (as far as it'll go without disappearing into a lump!) and hold the kid's buttocks closed for about 60-90 seconds afterwards, to be sure they don't push it out. It has to stay in about 15 minutes to work. Obviously you have to deal with the fact the little ones may cry and make a fuss during insertion, or when the suppository is starting to melt (they will definitely feel it). These are among the safest and most predictable medicines for emptying the bowel. Remember the dangers of absorption of intestinal toxins, and remember that, when all else fails, if anything will make sure your children are doing their smelly evil daily, this will!

souffrance from 7 years ago

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