Dr Hauschka Organic Muslin Compress

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Dr Hauschka Organic Muslin Compress

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Product Information


This naturally soft muslin compress is easy to use for daily cleansing, make-up removal and when using face masks.

Machine wash prior to initial use.

100 % organic hand-picked cotton, unbleached.

Formerly : Dr Hauschka Muslin Cloth

Direction for Use

Moisten the muslin in a basin of warm water.If you like, you can infuse the water with a few drops of any Dr. Hauschka bath essence to suit your mood and let the fragrance uplift you as you apply the compress to your face. Applying a warm compress relaxes the pores allowing for deep cleansing and is very beneficial before using a mask.Applying a cool compress after cleansing helps to close and tone the pores.


To melt away the tension of an aching neck, swirl a few drops of Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence into a basin of hot water, wring the compress and apply it still warm to the back of the neck.

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