Dr Denti Refit

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Dr Denti Refit

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Refit is ideal for temporary re-cementing of dislodged crowns bridges, veneers, facings, inlays and onlays (fixed prosthesis) which otherwise are normally permanently fixed in the mouth.


1.Remove one capsule from pack, tap powder into longer proportion and then pull two halves of capsule apart.
2.Drip 2-3 drops of water from the tap into capsule containing powder.
3.Quickly close capsule.
4.Hold capsule between finger and thumb and shake for three seconds.
5.Open capsule and squeeze mixed cement onto fitting side of prosthesis.
6.Finally seat prosthesis back onto tooth and orientate until properly seated.
7.Close jaws and ensure the fit is comfortable, if not, quickly remove and re-start the re-cementation.
8.Do not use continuously for more than 28 days.

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