Deep Heat Spray

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Deep Heat Spray

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Product Information


Deep Heat Spray is rapidly absorbed by the skin and produces effective warming.

Ideal for difficult to reach areas, as massage is not required.

It is recommended for the relief of pain in muscles, tendons, joints or bones, lower back and thigh pain, sprains or strains.

It can be used before and after exercise.

Active Ingredients

Contains: Methyl nicotinate BP 1.6% w/w, 2-Hydroxyethyl salicylate 5.0% w/w, Methyl salicylate BP 1.0% w/w, Ethyl salicylate 5.0% w/w, Propan-2-ol, Butane.Contains active ingredients: 2-Hydroxyethyl salicylate

Direction for Use

Adults and children over 5 years only.Always try on a small area first and use sparingly. Shake can well before use. Point spray aperture towards the area of pain, holding can about 6” from the skin. Press the button and spray in 2-3 short bursts.Massage is not required. Protect the face when spraying around the neck/shoulders.Repeat up to 3 times per day.


Do not use:If you are allergic to any of the ingredients.If you are allergic to pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatories.On children under 5 years old.On broken skin, your eyes or other sensitive areas of skin.

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