Complan Nutricia Rich Chocolate Flavour Drink

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Complan Nutricia Rich Chocolate Flavour Drink

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Product Information


All The Goodness of a Balanced Light Meal

Nutrition when you need it

1. Provides energy when you need it most

2. Helps maintain good health

3. Gives your body the nutrients it needs

4. Specially fortified with:
- 26 essential vitamins and minerals
- protein for the growth and maintenance of muscle
- B vitamins to help release energy
- Calcium and Vitamin D for the maintenance of bones
- Vitamin C and iron to help support the immune system.

Active Ingredients

No artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives;Suitable for a vegetarian diet;Gluten free;Suitable for a halal diet.For more information please check the second picture.

Direction for Use

3 easy steps to prepare your Complan:1. Add a little of the water or milk to the glass or mug and add the sachets of Complan.2. Mix to a smooth cream with the whisk or fork.3. Top up with the remaining water or milk, stirring continuously.


Once made up with water or milk, Complan can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.It is important to consume a varied and balanced diet, including regular meals.A serving refers to 1 sachets (55g) mixed with water per day.Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.People with diabetes should consult their dietitian or doctor before including Complan as part of their diet.

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