Bio-Health Buffered Vitamin C - 500mg Capsules

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Bio-Health Buffered Vitamin C - 500mg Capsules

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Vitamin C is considered to be the most useful of all vitamins for overall health maintenance.

Its main source in the diet is from fruit (especially citrus) and vegetables.

It is an anti-oxidant and is essential in important functions including absorption of iron.

There has been considerable research on Vitamin C and that humans need it in their diet is established.

Bio-Health’s Pure-fil capsules contain Vitamin C bonded with Calcium, making it non-acidic.

The preparation will not cause stomach, intestinal or urinary tract distress as Vitamin C sometimes can and the Calcium content also helps to ensure the body’s reserves are not depleted. N.B.

If you wish to take higher levels of Vitamin C we recommend Buffered C - Crystals.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Active Ingredients

Vitamin C as Calcium Ascorbate, Vegetable hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) Calcium bonded Vitamin C is non-acidic (pH balanced). In this form Vitamin C will not cause stomach or intestinal distress which can sometimes be experienced when taking high intakes of Ascorboc Acid and will not deplete the body's calcium reserves.Bio-Health Pure-Fil capsules are totally free fromall additives, sugar, lactose, gluten and yeast. Guaranteed for quality.Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans

Direction for Use

One capsule daily swallowed with water, or capsule contents can be sprinkled on food if preferred.

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