Avent Classic+ Variable Flow Teats (3m+)

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Avent Classic+ Variable Flow Teats (3m+)

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£4.38 Out of stock

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Avent Classic Variable Flow Teats (3m+) have been trusted by mothers for 30 years, and continues to be the preferred choice of many mums.
Designed for an enjoyable and easy feeding experience, it is clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort.*

Product features:
- Easy latch on due to the unique valve on the teat
- Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing
- Unique anti-colic system
- BPA-free teat
- Compatible with Classic feeding bottle.

Adjust the flow rate for baby's convenience.
With the variable flow nipple, you can adjust the flow rate according to liquid's thickness and suit baby's feeding rhythm perfectly.
We recommend using this nipple for thicker liquids such as AR (thickened) milk, milk mixed with baby rice, milk mixed with baby food, soup… Once the baby is ready for even thicker food, we recommend the Philips AVENT Thick Feed nipple.

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