Princess for a Day

Christmas is coming and I am so confused about what to buy this year! Alarm bells are ringing and the panic attacks are settling in because my prince is not here this year. He is stuck in the tropical forest of Guyana with his scientist mates while I am rocking it alone this year.

I am typical girly girls, I can never make up my mind and Sam has always been there to do if for me, so you can see why I have been dreading this Christmas. Sam knows what I love and what I hate; he always gets things right. Like last year he went on eChemist and got me ‘Gucci Rush EDT for Her’. It had an intoxicant floral scent and a combination of vanilla and gardenia; every time I wear it, I levitate (just thinking of him makes me levitate). I thought well Gucci is perfect for me, and then I hear him say, “I have more four you Pika”, handing me a beautifully wrapped set of ‘Elemis The Adventuress, The Glamorous Globetrotter’s Travel Kit’ and inside the wrapping a ticket for week at the Halekulani 5 star hotel in Honolulu, HAWAI!! I cannot imagine Christmas without my Sam, making me feel like a true Princess and shopping for on eChemist.

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