Pregnancy and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are so common it is almost an inevitable result from stretching of the growing tummy and the skin around it. They appear as thin pink or purplish streak like lines on the surface of the skin, on the tummy area, hips, thighs and bottom area and can also affect the breast area. They can also appear on other areas of the body where there has been a quick weight gain, or as the pregnancy progresses. The first sign of stretch marks can be noticed as itchiness around an area where the skin is becoming thin and pink.

Stretch marks can affect everyone, not just pregnant women and can also affect men. They occur whenever the skin is stretched, such as during puberty or during quick weight gain. The skin is made up of three main layers:

  • The epidermis (outer layer)
  • The dermis (middle layer)
  • Then subcutaneous (inner layer)

Stretch marks appear in the dermis layer as the skin is stretched over a short space of time, this stretching actually breaks collagen in certain places (collagen is what gives the skin its elasticity) resulting of stretchmarks.

The type of skin you have determines the severity of your stretch marks, some people has skin that is naturally more elastic and withstand the stretching better than those with less elastic skin.

Over time, once your baby is born stretch marks gradually fade and become less noticeable, stretch marks are not harmful and as your skin shrinks, they fade to into silvery white coloured scars.

There are many good oils and creams on the market today, to help keep the appearance of stretch marks to a minimum. They are targeted at improving the skins elasticity and suppleness.

These products are most effective and work best if you start using them early on during the pregnancy and they can really help limit the formation of stretch marks.

The Mustela Maternite range is formulated with pregnancy in mind and has an amazing stretch mark prevention oil and cream. This contains a unique blend of active ingredients to help the skin withstand stretching. The oil contains pomegranate, avocado, musk rose and baobab oil to nourish skin deeply and the cream contains avocado peptides and patented blend of natural ingredients to relieve the sensation of tightness and reinforce skin elasticity.

The Mustela Stretch Mark Recovery Serum is a concentrated serum to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It contains micronutrients to deeply replenish the skin and visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. If serum is not your thing then you also have the option of this product in cream and oil.

Bio-oil is also a very well known and popular product used by many in the prevention of stretch marks. It is also widely used to improve the appearance of all scars, new or old.

Bepanthen, famous for their nappy cream, have introduced a stretch mark cream which has been designed with the latest scientific knowledge on the development of stretch marks with ingredients known to support skin, in keeping it supple and elastic.

A final product really worth mentioning is the Salcura Gotku Kola & Wild Rose stretch mark oil. This is a smooth and nourishing dry body oil. It can be absorbed quickly into the skin with a neutral scent. This is also available in as a cream.

Application technique of all the stretch mark products is quite important as evidence has shown that massaging the skin where stretch marks are most likely to from really does help in preventing stretch marks and the appearance of them once they occur. So ladies take to time to enjoy these products and it will also increase your overall sense of well-being at this exciting time in you life.

12/12/2017 08:34

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