With the summer approaching, everyone is interested in getting his or her body beach ready. Many women dread going bikini shopping not because of their actual weight or body shape but because of cellulite. Unfortunately, almost every woman, of every age and size, experiences cellulite at some point in her life.

Cellulite are deposits of fat that are trapped in the skin that cause the effect of dimpling or what people like to call "orange peel" or "cottage cheese" skin.  Cellulite is caused by various factors such as hormones, diet, lifestyle, exercise, and can also be hereditary. Though we can’t really change necessarily our hormones and genes, we can try to eliminate toxins in our body that cause cellulite by improving our diet, exercise and lifestyle. Drinking lots of water, exercising and limiting our alcohol and caffeine intake can help get rid of toxins and help our circulation.

Though some would like to try more cosmetic procedures to get rid of cellulite, it can be quite costly. Instead, there are a number of products on the market that can help in the improvement of the look of cellulite in your skin such as the products listed below.

What is important is that you apply these products on a regular basis (twice daily), along with a massaging technique to help stimulate your circulation and improve lymphatic drainage.

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