Super Wernets Denture Fixative Powder

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  • Super Wernets Denture Fixative Powder
  • Super Wernets Denture Fixative Powder

Super Wernets Denture Fixative Powder

369.39 Out of stock

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Product Information

Super Wernets is a denture adhesive powder that has been recommended by dentists for over 25 years.

It combines two denture adhesive ingredients- one for holding the dentures, the other to help cushion the dentures more securely and comfortably.

Make sure that your dentures are cleaned thoroughly first.

Don't dry the dentures; instead, sprinkle the powder evenly on to the plate.

Insert denture into the mouth, apply some pressure for several seconds.

If you want to drink or eat, wait several minutes before doing so.

To remove the fixative from dentures, wipe off with a damp cloth and then brush with warm water.

Make sure water does not enter the nozzle.

1 customer reviews
Super Wernets

My dentist recommended this product to me 29 years ago when I got dentures. I bought several large bottles a few years ago, but I'm using the last of them. I was shocked and disappointed when I found out local drugstores had stopped carrying it...

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