BPI BLOX Blue Raspberry 150g

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  • BPI BLOX Blue Raspberry 150g
  • BPI BLOX Blue Raspberry 150g

BPI BLOX Blue Raspberry 150g

SAR279.79 Out of stock

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Product Information

What are SAAs and why are they about to redefine the way you train? SAAs stand for Silk Amino Acids (SAA), a chain of eighteen plus particular amino acids.

A recent study suggests that 5 of the 18 SAAs, when used in a precise ratio and in an exact sequence, may support pro-anabolic results! How do SAAs compare to the most commonly used amino acid composition-BCAAs? Classic 2:1:1 BCAAs may be yesterday's science.

This is what science and research are all about, making improvements, including in how we look. After all, who among us would venture to walk into their doctor's office today, sick as a dog, and say "Doc, please prescribe me what you would have given me 10 years ago."? Here's the bottom line: SAAs represent something different in the muscle-building category of sports nutrition.

SAAs are suggested to promote strength, muscle building and enhanced performance. BPI believe that they are about to alter what you think you know about supplementation.

"Although silk amino acids have been used for millennia in Traditional Chinese Medicine, research is suddenly putting them in the spotlight today.

These polypeptides have been suggested to promote muscle hypertrophy and muscle endurance, as well as support healthy body composition, promote natural testosterone and support healthy cortisol levels already in normal range. They have even been suggested to offer antioxidant support.

There is no denying that the newly released Blox by BPI, is one of the only products available with these ingredients which will offer these results. BPI not only nailed it with flavouring, but created a great product that is supported with real science. Dr. Jim Stoppanni - Ph.D

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