Biotest Spike 48 Tablet

DKK kr428.12 Out of stock
  • Biotest Spike 48  Tablet
  • Biotest Spike 48  Tablet

Biotest Spike 48 Tablet

DKK kr428.12 Out of stock

Product code: 22201

Despatched in 1-3 days.

48 tablet

Product Information

How would you like to have the most incredible work-out of your life - each and every time you train?How would like to have the Energy boost of ephedra, without all the jitters? How would you like the mental focus and, clarity and mood elevation of an amphetamine, without using a banned substance?How would you like all of these effects, without all the negative side effects to go along: no addiction and no down-regulation of receptors ultimately requiring ever-increasing doses? Well, brother, you can have it all with this one major freakin bad-boy . . . His name my friend, is BIOTEST SPIKE! . . . and this bad boy will blow your freakin' head right off - with plenty of ammo to spare! No others on the globe have access to the powerful ingredients found in BIOTEST SPIKE.

A patent has been filed and I'll keep the formulas active complex secret and out of the public view forever. Just Like the secret Coke formula, we consider the Biotest Spike formula to be one of our treasured and valuable assets.

As such, we're not going to discuss one single iota about the science behind the formula, and I'm certainly not going to publish what makes the juice turn on full throttle. Let me stop some of you punks right in your tracks before you assume that the secret science behind BIOTEST SPIKE is simply caffeine or some other pusillanimous, everyday substance! It's not!

So don't even waste your time asking me about it! All we're going to say is, this baby works - big time!

Biotest spike will focus your mental energy so tight, that you'll feel like a supernova each and every time you workout.

Anyway, enough of the blustering. We're about to deliver you the best brain-body ride you'll ever experience - that is, if boundless muscular power and mental clarity are your games. It's like we're chemically hardwiring all your synapses for nuclear war!

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