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Optrex Sore Eyes Eye Drops

Optrex Sore Eyes Eye Drops
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Soothing Optrex Sore Eyes Eye Drops actively relieve sore and irritated eyes that can so easily be aggravated by all kinds of daily problems, like lack of sleep, eye strain or smoky and polluted air.

It's gentle and effective for adults and children.
Contains active ingredient Hamamelis Virginiana (Distilled Witch Hazel BPC 13% v/v).

Also contains Purified Water, Boric Acid, Glycerin, Borax and Benzalkonium Chloride.
Ensure your hands are clean and dry and the bottle’s seal is intact before use.

Gently squeeze 1 or 2 drops into each eye.

You can use the drops as often as you require.

Replace the bottle top tightly.

Don’t use Optrex Sore Eyes Eye Drops while or just before wearing your contact lenses.

Wait 15 minutes before wearing contact lenses.
Always read the label

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