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Lamberts MagAsorb

Lamberts MagAsorb
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Since 7 out of 10 of your patients are likely to be deficient in magnesium, all practitioners need to be alerted to the UK’s magnesium crisis.

However when it comes to recommending the dosage, forget anything less than 150mg a day – doses less than this are pretty insignificant for adults.

Most therapeutic doses for magnesium are in the 300 to 600mg per day range.

Yet disappointingly most single magnesium products do not provide anywhere near this level.

Lamberts MagAsorb provides a full 150mg of magnesium per tablet. We specifically chose magnesium in the citrate form for MagAsorb since this is the form of the mineral most easily absorbed by the body and the form that has a wealth of scientific research supporting its use.

In essence, to bolster body stores of magnesium, the supplement needs to contain a good level of the mineral and be in a form, which the body can easily absorb and utilise, which makes MagAsorb an outright winner on both counts.

Product Code: 8239.

Lamberts Approved Etailer 20130173
Typically per tablet:
Magnesium (as Citrate) 150mg
1 to 3 tablets daily with a meal.

Over 400mg of Magnesium may cause mild stomach upset in sensitive individuals.

Suitable for vegetarians.

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